About The collective

Walt Whitman Poetry Center (Rutgers University- Camden, NJ)

Walt Whitman Poetry Center (Rutgers University- Camden, NJ)



To empower, unify and inspire women through creativity, fashion and innovation.


The Collective is an online and mobile women’s clothing store proudly based out of Camden, NJ. The Collective offers an eclectic array of women’s fashion and an exclusive at-your-door service for women. With additional services such as; personal styling, private parties and makeovers for the ultimate shopping experience!


Here at The Collective, we celebrate the importance of unity, womanhood, creativity and community service. 


“I’ve always had an obsession with how the universe works. I believe in the cosmos, or the belief that the universe works harmoniously with all existing matter and space. There’s a balance which helps to ensure that all of these things work collectively. Coming up as a young child, my parents practiced the African based Kwanzaa principles throughout the year. Emphasis was placed on the principle Ujima, “collective work and responsible.” Without community and balance, progress is impossible. From all of these important ideals and principles “The Collective” was born. Giving back to the City of Camden (my community) through style, innovation, art, and community service, The Collective is truly a grassroots brand.”

-Erin Johnson